The revolution of game towers is here.

An unmatched ground-breaking innovation, pioneered by Gold Coast ingenuity, investment, expertise, and engineering.


Element Concepts introduce a ground- breaking innovation in Game Fishing Towers. Our towers are constructed from 100% Carbon Composite. Choosing a Carbon Fibre Tower offers your vessel huge advantages when compared with other materials, a combination of strength, durability, lightness and speed that has never been seen before.

Carbon is a low-density material with a very high strength to weight ratio. It is one of the strongest commercially available reinforced fibres on the market. Element Concepts, Carbon Game Towers are a 100% carbon composite construction. Carbon is a material with renowned strength, this has been proven through decades of automotive and aeronautical testing. Known and used for its combination of strength and lightness it is 5 times stronger than steel and one third its weight. A 100% Carbon Tower is approximately 70% lighter than a tower built from traditional materials.

Towers are designed to enhance visibility. The use of traditional materials can greatly affect performance, efficiency and accentuate roll of a vessel. This was all considered when designing and creating the 100% Carbon Game Tower. The lighter tower design, material strength and vibration dampening benefits of carbon fibre improve the stability of the vessel. The lightweight material and construction help to maintain the centre of gravity of your game boat. A Carbon Game Tower allows your boat to achieve greater speed and more power. With a significantly lower vibration conduction output than competing materials, carbon fibre makes your fishing time more enjoyable. Less vibration makes for a more comfortable journey to your favourite boating destination.

Carbon Game Towers components have been aerodynamically designed, shaped, and constructed to allow for the least amount of air drag possible while underway. This helps improve the ride, acceleration, and range of the vessel. Air drag has been an issue for conventional towers, this issue has therefore been considered in the design of the 100% Carbon Tower. Foiled elliptical framework has been shaped and constructed to reduce drag and resistance while underway. The streamlining designed into the Carbon Tower adds additional value with a lighter body and more responsive steering advantage. This means that with a Carbon Game Tower, you can achieve greater speed and more power than previously possible with traditional building materials.

As a boat owner, one needs to consider a wide range of design solutions when making any modifications to their vessel without sacrificing power or efficiency of the vessel. Carbon Fibre as a material is one such solution which can not only provide aesthetic enhancement but also improve efficiency, hence lowering operating costs. The low maintenance requirements of Carbon Fibre ensures more time enjoying your boat and less cost and time spent maintaining the boat. Further to the cost saving benefits, as carbon is a lightweight but incredibly strong material it allows for higher performance and efficiency, therefore less fuel required to reach your destination. These are factors to consider when looking at tower options. Increasing your boats efficiency over time drastically decreases the overall operating costs of your vessel.

Carbon Fibre is an excellent material for your project as it offers longstanding, highly durable construction with minimum maintenance compared with other materials currently used. The construction and manufacturing process of Carbon Fibre known as fibre reinforcement, allows the material to achieve a higher fatigue strength when compared to other building materials. Carbon composite is also renowned for its lower vibrational output which helps neutralise potential weak points to both your boat and tower. The strict manufacturing processes we use ensure the highest quality product is fit for purpose and the many conditions it will face. Our manufacturing methods result in a flawless, lightweight construction with immense strength and minimal thermal expansion. We use only the highest quality epoxy resins and adhesives to finish all components of the tower. The tower is then finished in a UV stable protective innovative coating system. If maintained correctly Carbon can last a lifetime.

One of the many benefits of converting to a Composite Carbon Fibre Tower is the significantly reduced time and effort needed to maintain and service it compared to other traditionally used materials. We use only the highest quality materials and methods managed with strict quality controls. Your tower comes to you protected with the most advanced products and methods available today. Carbon Fibre towers are constructed from the highest quality marine purposed glues and resins on the market. Additionally, a final finishing coat is added using a marine industry-based UV protective innovative coating system.

Upon inspection or every 5 years it is recommend for the longevity of your purchase that you have the carbon finish cleaned, polished, and recoated to ensure the exterior carbon appearance is maintained, protected, and looking at its optimum.

About Us

Element Concepts is an Australian born company that have moved to an international manufacturing platform. Element Concepts are proud to introduce themselves as one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing an industry first, a 100% Carbon Fibre Composite Sportfishing Tower. This state of the art Sportfishing Tower has been designed, developed, and built, in house using the most advanced products and materials.

At Element Concepts we pride ourselves on offering unique design solutions to modify and enhance your boat, our company offers you and your vessel access to state of the art design technology and materials. Our highly experienced, skilled, and professional team will guide and support you throughout the entire project from design to delivery and assembly to make your composite concept a reality.


Element Concepts are located at The Boat Works on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Boat Works is the largest and most extensive shipyard in the Southern Hemisphere. The Boat Works, handle the region’s visiting superyachts, charter vessels and privately owned boats. The Boat Works lifts more than 3,000 vessels per year, with the yard’s 300 Tonne travelift, the largest on the Gold Coast, and is the only facility with 60 covered refit sheds including the highest superyacht-specific refit sheds at a height of 20-metres.


Thanks to Modern Technology our Australian manufactured towers can be custom designed to suit you and your vessel’s needs no matter where you are in the world. Manufactured in house and then shipped directly to your vessels nearest shipyard for assembly.